Fight Back: End the Cycles of Anxiety and Depression

Fight Back: End the Cycles of Anxiety and Depression

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Do you want to end the vicious, often debilitating cycles of anxiety and depression in your life? Mike Oglesbee, the founder of Maximized Mind Hypnotherapy & Coaching, shares a groundbreaking approach to eliminating these negative influences. Instead of managing symptoms of anxiety and depression, he explores how these disorders reflect deeper conflicts within the subconscious mind.

To achieve relief, you must first understand why you are suffering and then use tools and techniques capable of reaching the depths of the subconscious to create change. Taking the steps in this guide will help you:

• gain mental and emotional stability and a sense of control over life;

• make more effective decisions, develop good habits, and enjoy positive outcomes;

• connect to greater levels of happiness, peace, and personal growth.

Before you can heal, you must resolve the conflicts within that are creating the outcomes you experience. Written in a clear, simple format, Fight Back delivers lessons, insights, and practical tools that can help you resolve the conflicts and break free from anxiety and depression – for good.


Author: Mike Oglesbee
Narrator: Mike Oglesbee
Publisher: Great Awakenings llc
Run time: 5 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 05/09/2021