Finding Your Way In Early Adulthood: Working Out What You Want & Choosing  How to ‘Be’

Finding Your Way In Early Adulthood: Working Out What You Want & Choosing How to ‘Be’

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For many young people today, the question after high school is, ‘What now?’ Suddenly faced with new freedoms and new responsibilities, life can become very confusing, very fast. Fixed mindsets can cause missed opportunities. Life changes can evoke stress. Young people lose agency of their own life when they merely react to the world around them. Finding Your Way in Early Adulthood challenges readers to take charge of their life by working out what they really want. It encourages them to consider new perspectives that lead to wise choice-making and positive outcomes. It shows them how to break down tricky situations and emerge with a positive course of action.

About the Author

Helen Middleton gained a Master’s degree in Education Studies in 1993, and worked as a Guidance Officer in Queensland schools for 15 years. During this time she continued her studies and completed a post-graduate training program in family therapy. She became a Registered Psychologist and completed a second Master’s degree in 2006 in Gestalt Therapy. The same year, Helen moved to Hobart and worked in EAP programs and in private practice. Missing work with young people, she took on regular days at Headspace in 2009, working with 12–26 year olds.


Author: Helen Middleton
Narrator: Helen Middleton
Publisher: SW Audio
Run time: 7 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 10/27/2021