Finn McCool: Irish Heroes

Finn McCool: Irish Heroes

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The very core of Irish spirit and the character of this nation are based on the many wonderful myths, legends, and folk tales that are carried on through the centuries. Generation after generation, age after age, all those classic Irish myths are still alive - against all odds. From the murky pre-Christian times, through the early Middle Ages, and all the way until today: these folk tales and myths have always slipped through. Even through many wars, migrations, and disasters, the Irish folk have stubbornly clung to their oldest traditions and beliefs. In those dire times of need and hardship, all men and women will look to their traditional heroes for inspiration. One such folk hero is certainly Finn McCool - the brave and powerful leader of the Fíana , the roving bands of hunter-warriors. A poet, a seer, a skilled warrior and a charming man, Finn McCool is subject to many adventures and heroic deeds. It is his adventures and achievements that instilled inspiration in the souls of many Irish men and Irish women. In these tales, he leads his brave band of young roving hunter-warriors and is renowned as a poet and a seer. At his side are Bran and Sceólang, two powerful hounds. Finn also possesses great wisdom. It was said that he had a thumb that granted him great knowledge. So, what’s not to like about him? We can quickly understand how he could have easily inspired generations of Irish folk.


Author: History Nerds
Narrator: Theodore Zephyr
Publisher: AM Publishing
Run time: 56 minutes
Release Date: 07/25/2022