Fire at Crossroad: Soul of Ashes - Book 0

Fire at Crossroad: Soul of Ashes - Book 0

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When dark magic descends, and super technology fails, power rises from the heart.

As the commander in charge of the Super Artificial Intelligence program in Eudaiz, a universe far from Earth, Lyla has it all. Beauty. Intelligence. Power.

She has never failed a mission, until she detects a shadow in the main frame system. The shadow is built on elusive magical power and human emotions - neither of which she has training for or first-hand experience with.

Combining with the force of dark energy, by the shadow is on a mission to not only destroy the legacy her father has built but also kill millions of citizens across the multiverse. It will invade and enslave universes - Earth included.

Time is not on her side. But if she fights now, she will be on her own.

This is the prequel of Soul of Ashes Series - The Multiverse Collection. More information can be found at dnleo dot com.

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Fire at Crossroad - Soul of Ashes - Book 0

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Author: D.N. Leo
Narrator: Catherine Edwards
Publisher: D.N. Media & Narrative Land Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 39 minutes
Release Date: 11/01/2018