Fire Summoner: Soul of Ashes - Book 1

Fire Summoner: Soul of Ashes - Book 1

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Darkness descends. Power rises from the heart. 

Lyla isn’t just an ordinary princess; she is destined to be the leader of a multi-billion citizen universe.

When a mission on Earth goes wrong, she is isolated in a strange forest with a guard, a friend, and a witch.

She could win battles. She could defeat evil. She could put the whole universe on fire. But when darkness demands her friend’s life, will she compromise?

No war is without sacrifices.

Can she make the hard decision? 

Fire Summoner is an instalment of the Soul of Ashes series - an explosive action-packed urban fantasy series that will keep your mind wonder.

Grab the book on release and join the world of the Multiverse Collection by D.N. Leo.

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Author: D.N. Leo
Narrator: Catherine Edwards
Publisher: D.N. Media & Narrative Land Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 11/02/2018