Fit to be Stapled: An Office Romance Short Story

Fit to be Stapled: An Office Romance Short Story

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He’s the CEO and she’s off limits…

Spencer Howe can’t let anyone know what’s going on in his head, especially when he daydreams about bending his junior ad account manager over her desk and showing her what her sass does to him. Cate Cross isn’t just sassy though, she’s beautiful, brilliant and perfect for the senior account manager position at his advertising firm.

He knows he gets under her skin when he calls her his assistant. He does it to get a rise out of her, and she throws it right back at him. There is so much chemistry between them, but he knows it won’t work. She can’t stand him most of the time. If he doesn’t get her to accept his company’s promotion soon, he’s afraid another company will take her away from him when she finishes her MBA. He’ll do anything to show her that she’s his, in the office and out, even if that means breaking a desk or two to prove his point.

Note: This is a short story with a happy ever after intended to be enjoyed over a lunch break *wink


Author: Lauren Smith
Narrator: Stella Hunter
Publisher: Lauren Smith
Run time: 1 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 01/30/2023