Flashes of Courage and Spirit

Flashes of Courage and Spirit

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Book 4 of the Saga of Sir Bryan.

Sir Bryan is reeling from the impossible choice he made in the previous book, Flashes of Wonder and Woe.


Through the haze of his grief, the old knight is visited by a vision of his father, who tells him that all is not yet lost. Sir Bryan's quest to become a fabled Crystal Knight may yet be completed, and eternal glory and immortality may still be in reach.


Whether or not this vision is truly the spirit of his father, or perhaps a demon, or just a fractured part of his own damaged mind as he slips into madness, Sir Bryan does not know. Will this vision of his father lead him to salvation? Or damnation?

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Author: Eli Taff, Jr.
Narrator: Elliott Crossley
Publisher: Eli Taff, Jr.
Run time: 43 minutes
Release Date: 12/28/2021