Flashes of Loss and Redemption

Flashes of Loss and Redemption

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Book 9 of the Saga of Sir Bryan

The trek to Starlight Monastery continues as the brave Sir Bryan leaves Lazland with his young orphaned charges. But will their luck finally hold out until the journey's end? Or will the deadly Magistrate Vonner and his daemonic allies catch up to him? 

Will his newfound ability to tap into the memories of the world through the magic of Chronomancy be enough to stop another daemonic incursion? Or is another Crystal War imminent and unstoppable?

Sir Bryan will never be the same after these flashes of loss and redemption.

This collection of ten dark fantasy flash fiction stories are a perfect pick up and read. Each exciting tale is exactly 500 words in length.


Author: Eli Taff, Jr.
Narrator: Elliott Crossley
Publisher: Eli Taff, Jr.
Run time: 56 minutes
Release Date: 08/20/2022