Flashes of Peril and Adventure

Flashes of Peril and Adventure

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Book 6 of the Saga of Sir Bryan.

Sir Bryan spends more and more time exploring the past as he sees events that happened not only when he was younger and just setting out on the path of the knight, but also the events that his father, the Marquis of Erdenwald, experienced as a younger man. In the present, Sir Bryan must make the treacherous journey back to the Statlight Monastery, where he hopes to lay the earthly remains of an old friend to rest. He will be taking his new charges with him, though, and he must hire additional help to protect them at all costs.


This collection of exciting dark fantasy flash fiction stories features ten thrilling tales of action and intrigue. Each story is exactly 500 words in length.


Author: Eli Taff, Jr.
Narrator: Elliott Crossley
Publisher: Eli Taff, Jr.
Run time: 48 minutes
Release Date: 02/20/2022