Flashes of Wonder and Woe

Flashes of Wonder and Woe

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Book 3 of the Saga of Sir Bryan


We rejoin our intrepid hero as he returns from his travels to the sun-scorched kingdoms of the east, and undertakes the second of three quests for the sorceress Auria Snow.


A quest that seems simple enough at face value (deliver a letter to a magistrate and return with his response), turns out to be anything but, as new friends and enemies are made, old comrades and foes make themselves known, and the limits of Sir Bryan's goodness is tested again and again.


This anthology of Dark Fantasy flash fiction contains 10 exciting stories. Each is exactly 500 words in length.


Author: Eli Taff, Jr.
Narrator: Elliott Crossley
Publisher: Eli Taff, Jr.
Run time: 43 minutes
Release Date: 12/18/2021