Flip Side of Failing (Special Promotional Edition)

Flip Side of Failing (Special Promotional Edition)

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Make Failure Your Super Power

Not Your Kryptonite!

Who among us has never experienced a failure? We beat ourselves up whether the failure is big or small. And we judge others for their failures. We've been programmed to hide our mistakes, cover up our failures - to be ashamed.

But what if it weren't like that? What if, on the other side of failure, was an awakening, a deeper relationship, an improved process? What might that do for our personal and professional relationships, our businesses and careers, ourselves?

Flip Side of Failing shines a light on failure and provides readers with analyses and strategies to free themselves from "not good enough."

Curious about what made some people exceptionally successful, Sarah McVanel interviewed over 30 amazing Canadians about their greatness. People like:

• Peter Mansbridge - award-winning journalist

• Heather Moyse - two-time Olympic gold medalist

• Jim Ferron - decorated Major-General and executive

• Orlando Bowen - ex-CFL player and philanthropist

• Chapman's - Canada's largest independent ice cream manufacturer

Through real-life stories, reflective exercises, wise coaching questions and research findings, you'll be ready to embrace the flip side of failing to leverage and recognize greatness all around you.


Publisher: Stark Publishing
Narrator: Sarah McVanel
Run time: 9 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 10/22/2019