For Malice and Mercy: A World War II Novel

For Malice and Mercy: A World War II Novel

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German immigrants Karl and Marta Meyer are loyal Americans, especially after a startling visit to see their family during Hitler’s pre-war rise to power. When America enters the war, the FBI wrongly arrests the Meyers as spies, then strips them of their citizenship, rights and livelihood. They are banished to a German/Japanese internment camp, but then violently targeted by Hitler loyalists. Deportation back to war-torn Germany seems their only hope of survival.

Their son Hank enlists in the US Army Air Corps, hoping his pay can save the family’s home. After his B-17 is shot down, his ability to speak fluent German helps him evade capture. When the Gestapo is on his trail, he’s pursued as a spy and faces certain death if they can catch him. His life depends on the daring plan of two unlikely collaborators. 

Inspired by trued events, this meticulously researched novel reveals untold stories of legalized hatred and the cost of unjustified suspicion. For Malice and Mercy has great relevance for our day, weaving a spellbinding saga of treachery, survival, and unmerited forgiveness.


Author: Gary W. Toyn
Narrator: Matt Armstrong
Publisher: American Legacy Media
Run time: 22 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 09/01/2021