Force 10 from Wagga: The Wayward Ventures of Stacey & Harper

Force 10 from Wagga: The Wayward Ventures of Stacey & Harper

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We worked together for just one year.

It would end in tragedy.

But in that time came a friendship that would last for eternity.

The first in a prequel novella trilogy set in the worlds of Jenna Plural (The Jennaverse) following the trials and tribulations of Stacey Grant and her best mate Harper Davis.

Set during their time in the Australian Air Force, you can join them before the tragic events of That Girl from Wagga.

The streetwise city girl from New South Wales and the rich farmer’s daughter from Queensland are not a match made in heaven.

Thrown together by war and partnered as a pilot and gunner, their first venture is a desperate mission to the moon where not everything is as it seems. Uncovering a heinous plot by their own government’s agents, Stacey and Harper are faced with a decision that could leave them forever branded as traitors….


Author: David Parker-Ross
Narrator: Tegan Bourke
Publisher: Tairis Anders Media
Run time: 1 hours 57 minutes
Release Date: 01/04/2023