Forest of Dynasties

Forest of Dynasties

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Falcon Crest and its hidden machinations have taken much from the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest, but the cost just might not have been for nothing. Change is on the horizon in the form of holding the powerful to task and the possible formation of a new royal lineage.

The burden of completing the task for ancient, now-revealed entity, however, soon pushes Jack, Tanner, Allie, and Gefnar back out across a war-torn continent, and new obstacles arise. Samanir forces are now guided by a different hand, one that seeks to gather half-breed factions for peace talks, in hopes of bringing the fighting to a speedy close.

But many have plans for the future of all half-breeds, including new allies and old enemies. And if Jack is to keep her people, both those of blood and those of duty sworn, from harm, she may have to take irrevocable steps on the path fate has laid before her. 


Author: S.J. Saunders
Narrator: S.J. Saunders
Publisher: Riverbank Publishing
Run time: 15 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 07/30/2021