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Dr. Elliot Bethel isn’t an easy man to love. He’s not even an easy man to like. He does good work in Fairfield, even if he’s no one’s favorite veterinarian, but he doesn’t need to be popular to be effective. Elliot made his way into his career after a roadside bomb during his deployment changed the trajectory of his life, and though he returned Stateside with one less limb, that didn’t change his firm belief—animals are better than people. Growing up a system kid with foster parents who tried their best, Elliot was determined to never let anyone close to his heart. And he might have succeeded if the massive stranger clutching two newborn rabbits hadn’t shown up at his door in a furious rainstorm.

Arlo Bullock is the kind of man whose entire life had been planned out for him from the day he was conceived. The first-born son to a family with a long-standing Military Legacy, Arlo followed in his father’s footsteps for as long as he could. But a career in the Marines with a nice wife and obedient kids were not part of Arlo’s future. In the end, it was no hardship to take his walking papers and leave that life behind—even if it meant cutting ties to his disappointed parents. With a small trust in his savings account, Arlo found his way to Fairfield, determined to make his own way in life. He had a little cash, and a big dream, and he would give anything to see it through. What he didn’t plan was for his entire life to be turned upside down by a snarky vet with a soft spot for wounded baby animals.

With Elliot determined not to love, and Arlo not even sure if he’s still straight, the two men find their way through friendship, tragedy, grief, and sexual awakening. But will that connection between them be enough to light the way home, or will everything working against them leave them utterly forsaken?


Author: E.M. Lindsey
Narrator: Zachary Zaba
Publisher: E.M. Lindsey
Run time: 7 hours 39 minutes
Release Date: 10/30/2020