Four Real: 2nd Chance With the Band

Four Real: 2nd Chance With the Band

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The band's back together, for real this time.

Lead singer of the start-up band Four Real, Tricia Donahue left her hometown with one question. How can you love three men at once? She’s convinced herself that it can’t be done—not without living up to her family’s infamous reputation. Now, years later, lead guitarist Michael Hill is touring with world famous TRE, far removed from the small town band he once called his family. Home will never be the same until he makes things right. Keyboarder, Pete Morello and drummer, Marty Pierce were always close, but when the one girl they ever loved disappeared from their life, their casual threesomes and life’s hard knocks revealed the feelings they share for each other. Reunion time for four best friends with unfinished business means they will finally face the music. Fantasy…meet reality.


Author: Alyssa Turner
Narrator: Curt Bonnem, Viviana Marlowe, Erin Bateman
Publisher: CTR Audio
Run time: 4 hours 53 minutes
Release Date: 10/11/2018