Fox Blood

Fox Blood

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A fox in wolf's clothing.

He said, "Come on. Move in with the pack. It'll all be perfect."

I said, "No. They're still healing. I'm a fox shifter, the reason they fell apart in the first place. I won't mess this up for you."

Yeah, so...I moved in anyway. And, sure enough, clan bonds started breaking, fights erupted, Gunner's entire role as pack leader was cast into doubt.

Now I'm struggling to posture like a wolf while protecting the stray kitsune who showed up on our doorstep. Gunner's stuck choosing between our relationship and his role as pack leader. And I've only got one thing left to say about the matter:

"I told you so."

This final installment in the Moon Marked trilogy follows Wolf's Bane and Shadow Wolf.


Author: Aimee Easterling
Narrator: Piper Goodeve
Publisher: Wetknee Books
Run time: 5 hours 52 minutes
Release Date: 07/02/2019