From Illusion to Enlightenment

From Illusion to Enlightenment

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I am completely unrepentant about my enthusiasm and passion for my own brilliant book! This is the book that I wish I could have read when I was on my spiritual path of pain and suffering. Oh yes... I've been there! I have made the journey from the confusion and suffering of illusions to the peace and clarity of enlightenment; it is an absolute requirement to write a book like this.

I am aware of how misleading words can be; take the spiritual path, as an example. There is no path, yet this path has to be walked to learn that it does not exist. The gulf of separation is another example; there is no gulf of separation, yet we have to cross the gulf to learn that it is the intellect and the mind that created it. We let that go and... bingo, no gulf of separation.

If you live what you learn from this book, you will transcend through the various landmines that litter the landscape of the unsuspecting spiritual adventurer. I have walked the same, or similar territory that you are walking. Now, I walk freely and easily and joyfully. With this book as your guide, you can also.

_ Michael J. Roads.


Author: Michael J. Roads
Narrator: Gemma Hunneyball
Publisher: Six Degrees Publishing Group
Run time: 7 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 04/28/2022