Gaslighting: A British Crime Thriller

Gaslighting: A British Crime Thriller

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The most disturbing crime they ever worked has come back to kill them.

Criminal profiler Doc Powers longs for a peaceful life. Now reunited with his missing girlfriend, his idyllic dreams turn grotesque when someone nails a bloody carcass to his door. With the clues pointing toward a previous case, he fears this is just the start of a dark hunt for revenge…

Detective Inspector Jack Carver looks forward to his long-overdue vacation. But when a powerful explosion tragically cuts the trip short, Carver must battle peers who suspect him of setting a devious trap. Suspended and out of the loop, the shaken detective must go above the law to stop the body count from rising.

As they trace the clues to a psychopath in the making, the duo must gather irrefutable evidence before the young killer cuts down everything they love.

Can Doc and Jack outsmart a brilliant criminal before they fall victim to a pair of grisly murders?

Gaslighting: A British Crime Thriller is the third standalone book in the suspenseful Remorseless Trilogy. If you like nail-biting mysteries, darkly intense action, and heroic characters, then you’ll love Will Patching’s gripping tale.

Although a 'coming of age' story, Gaslighting is a disturbingly twisted adult thriller containing content not suitable for ages 18 and under.

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Author: Will Patching
Narrator: Gary Furlong
Publisher: Will Patching
Run time: 11 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 04/19/2021