Getting Right with God

Getting Right with God

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In Getting Right with God, Paul Nthoba relates his intimate conversations with the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He follows a strategic format first used by Matthew Robert Payne and then adapted by Lisa Townley in books of the same name. But although the format is the same, Paul’s unique and personal relationship with the Trinity shines through in his conversation and with humor as they all interact with each other. In each daily entry, Paul and the Trinity walk through the same three sections: an introduction, openness and vulnerability, and the courts of heaven. Paul’s transparency engages the reader in understanding how the Father wants to develop a deep friendship with each person. Join Paul in his journey of Getting Right with God. Perhaps you will be inspired to start your own journey as well!


Author: Matthew Robert Payne
Narrator: Larry Matsko
Publisher: Christian Book Publishing USA
Run time: 3 hours 4 minutes
Release Date: 10/22/2019