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Ghost Property

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Welcome to Hawkwood Hollow, where the dead outnumber the living.

Maura and her ghostly brother Mart are finally making progress on revamping the Riverside Inn as a haunted tourist attraction. Now all they need to do is recruit some ghosts, which shouldn't be too hard in a town with more dead inhabitants than living ones.

Unfortunately, the first spirit who shows up to try out for the job refuses to believe he's dead… at least until his zombie appears and attacks Maura. Furious and intent on finding answers, the ghost pressures Maura into helping him find the person responsible for his death and reanimation.

Alongside Drew, her boyfriend and the head of Hawkwood Hollow's police department, Maura finds herself entangled in a mystery that goes beyond a single ghost. With zombies showing up all over the countryside and their ghosts not talking, Maura may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Can Maura catch an elusive killer or will she be the next to join the walking dead?


Author: Elle Adams
Narrator: Sarah Kempton
Publisher: Elle Adams
Run time: 4 hours 54 minutes
Release Date: 01/05/2022