Give a Ghost a Bad Name

Give a Ghost a Bad Name

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Welcome to Hawkwood Hollow, where the dead outnumber the living.

It's time for the grand opening of Hawkwood Hollow’s first haunted hotel, and Maura and her friends are ready for the first guests to embark on their ghost tour.

When a guest inexplicably drops dead of an apparent heart attack, it at first seems like a freak accident. But the victim's widow thinks otherwise, and she's determined to make Maura and her friends face the consequences. At first, Maura thinks the angry widow has lost her mind, but it soon becomes clear that there's a murderer in the area… and they aren't human.

As if hunting a ghostly killer isn't enough, Maura's business is dealing with attacks on all sides as someone is determined to sink their business into the ground. Can Maura save the inn, protect her friends and catch the killer - or will it all go up in flames?


Author: Elle Adams
Narrator: Sarah Kempton
Publisher: Elle Adams
Run time: 4 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 08/12/2022