Glitter in the Stars

Glitter in the Stars

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Cleaning the galaxy, one cruise ship at a time.

When maintenance technician Triana Moore gets temporarily transferred to a passenger liner, she doesn't expect luxury and relaxation. Bot-minding is the same on a station or a ship. But with twelve-hour workdays and five roommates in her cabin, Triana thinks she should have read the employment contract more carefully.

Days into the cruise, her boss, Les, goes missing. Triana dusts off her sleuthing skills to start snooping. Together with a retired Marine Corps dance instructor, a socially inept hospitality intern, and her favorite security agent, she must navigate more than just the solar system. They dodge dance competition divas, reality show cameras, and the occasional wealthy sociopath to search for the missing supervisor.

Will they find Les before she goes dancing through the stars? And will they find time to hit the buffet before all the chocolate strawberries are gone?


Author: Julia Huni
Narrator: Rachel Music
Publisher: IPH Media
Run time: 6 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: 03/23/2022