Goodfinding: A User's Guide to EQ and Your Brilliant Mind

Goodfinding: A User's Guide to EQ and Your Brilliant Mind

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You’re born with a brilliant mind, but it doesn’t come with a user’s guide or an on-off switch. Left to its own devices, it can feel like your worst enemy when its survival-based default program keeps you focused on what is wrong with you and your world.

This book is the user’s guide that puts you in charge of how your mind works. With positive psychology and emotional intelligence working for you, you will become the conscious creator you were born to be.

Goodfinding activates your brilliant mind with gratitude, appreciation, and optimism for your past, present, and future, deriving value and opportunity from all of your life experiences.

William G. DeFoore, Ph.D., a mental health counselor for more than fifty years, shares this roadmap to help you achieve your desired outcomes. The premise of the book is that you have a good heart, and when you use your brilliant mind effectively, it will be in direct service to that inner goodness.

Goodfinding will become your manual, guide, and companion as you expand into the best version of the person you choose to be. What you pay attention to grows, and finding the good helps the good find you.


Author: William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.
Narrator: Scott R. Smith
Publisher: Halcyon Life Enterprises LLP
Run time: 9 hours 33 minutes
Release Date: 12/26/2022