Goodman's Child

Goodman's Child

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"Moire stood in the croft house’s porch, watching Goodman leave, plotting her escape.

His boots—thick leather the colour of oak, paler at the toe and heel—crunched in the shoal of pebbles he’d salvaged from the shore behind the house. A slab of grass, the dry stone wall, then the shore. And then…

Moire had long since given up wondering what lay beyond the wall that marked the perimeter of her understanding because, once lured there by Goodman, she’d never been able to leave. A prison formed from Goodman’s lies.

For seven years, Moire’s thoughts returned to the sea’s powerful protection and of a freedom she hadn’t known in all those years."

Praise for Goodman's Child: 

"It's beautifully written and observed on many different levels - from the descriptions of the Orkney landscape, to Moire's emotions, to making folklore a reality - it just flows and I love it!" – Kate Tenbeth, author of Burly & Grum and Unlucky Dip. 

"…a thoughtful, beautifully written tale that evokes Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' or, perhaps more closely, Roger McGough's wonderful poem 'Angel Wings'" – Mark Watkins, co-author of Keeping Mum.


Author: Stuart Wakefied
Narrator: Carolynne Henry
Publisher: Magic Toy Books
Run time: 27 minutes
Release Date: 03/27/2021