Gospel In Your Character: Living Totally In Christ's Nature On Earth

Gospel In Your Character: Living Totally In Christ's Nature On Earth

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In brief summary, Gospel in your character, is all about understanding Christ, His nature and effect of living his life in your character in order to win many back to the kingdom of God through such character. The Gospel is the good news that Christ has risen and is alive living in heaven and in the heart all that receive him. When you have this understanding you begin to experience Christ presence through the help of the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of God living in your heart, making all things new in your life. And you will begin to live life's abundance like Adam at the Garden of Eden, where everything will be accessible and you will never lack any good thing, as the Bible declared "those that know their God shall prosper and make exploit”. You will be hungry to always hear the word of God! Nothing will matter to you again more than the word of God. You begin to consider every situation, events, action from God's own point of view not from government or natural aspect. Since Character is your personality, secretly or physically that can not hid, people around must see and know that you are living inseparable union with Christ; enjoying rich fellowship with the father; having conscious that you are in the father, the father is living you and they accept your Gospel and turn to God. Millions of people out there are waiting to see Christ in your character before they will accept our gospel. You don't need to reach out for lost souls only by preaching with your mouth, your responsibility goes beyond mere talk as a child of God, and you are mandated to win soul to the kingdom of through your character. Arise shine for the world to see your light and glorify your father who is in heaven, is a commandment from the Lord, that you light must shine to all. Remember if you win all your enemies back to Christ today, you will live to enjoy peace with them tomorrow.


Author: Harrison Johnson Uche
Narrator: Al Remington
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 12/18/2015