Gray is My Heart

Gray is My Heart

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Georgia Rutherford-Beaumont has it all.

A wealthy husband. A powerful father. A hit man trying to kill her…

Senator's daughter Georgia longs for a little excitement in her life, at least until it arrives in the form of a high-velocity bullet. With Blackwood Security on the case, Georgia hides out with reclusive artist Mitchell Gray as the team try to unravel the web of secrets, lies, and worse, actual spiders. Who wants her dead? One of her father's many enemies? Somebody closer to home? Or is it the Horsemen, the elite band of assassins Georgia's not supposed to know about?

Georgia's time away from home leads her to question everything, including herself. Where does the real danger lie? In death? Or in a life not truly lived?


Author: Elise Noble
Narrator: Alexandra Ralph
Publisher: Undercover Publishing Limited
Run time: 9 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 10/23/2020