Gray Resurrection

Gray Resurrection

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This is Book 2 in the million+ selling Tom Gray action thriller series. Kidnapped, betrayed and fighting to survive, Tom Gray is back with a vengeance!

After the terrorist explosion in which he is believed to have died, Tom Gray has been living a quiet life in the Philippines as Sam Grant, under the watchful eye of his government handler, James Farrar.

His peace is short-lived; Farrar recruits him for a mission that needs Grant’s particular skills, but fate intervenes when Grant is taken hostage in the southern islands by Abu Sayyaf, a militant organization, and comes face-to-face with a dangerous former enemy.

Reintroducing Tom Gray, the inimitable man-of-action, Gray Resurrection is an exciting and fast-paced thriller with an explosive conclusion.


Author: Alan McDermott
Narrator: Andy Stevenson
Publisher: Alan McDermott Books Ltd
Run time: 5 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 01/18/2022