Green Smoothie Cleanse

Green Smoothie Cleanse

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Imagine if you could wake up every morning feeling amazing. Instead of waking up with a headache, or struggling to open your eyes because you’re still so tired; you just leap out of bed full of life and ready to go and take on the day. This energy is then enough to carry you through workouts, through your office job and through the evenings when you still have enough left in the tank to chat to play with your family. You have enough to work on projects, to keep the house clean and tidy and to make the very most of every last hour. And imagine if you had the dream physique you’ve always wanted: flat abs, ripped muscle and skin that looks glowing and healthy. Of course, there’s no quick fix that can make all of this a reality, but it is a very good aim to have. And actually, there are just a few simple things you can do that will immediately take you a lot closer to that reality. One of them is just to start drinking a smoothie every day.

Really? A smoothie? A drink hat can improve your health, your mood, your appearance and your energy levels?


Author: J. Steele
Narrator: James Reynolds
Publisher: ECONO Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 07/15/2020