Halloween Vegetable Horror (UK Male Narrator Edition): When Parents Tricked Kids with Healthy Treats

Halloween Vegetable Horror (UK Male Narrator Edition): When Parents Tricked Kids with Healthy Treats

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Halloween Vegetable Horror children’s book creates a dynamically comical reading experience that addresses history and health of Halloween. Address a widely common issue of how to teach kids about Halloween.

What is Halloween? Who came up with this annual tradition? Should we participate? What to do with candy and costumes? What to do with fear and fun? Rethink Halloween with a children’s book that references historical themes along with laughter and love. Trick kids into the treat of learning. Bring kids to learn how parents try to navigate this global tradition and participate in healthy living. Utilize the book’s themes and content as a parenting or teaching moment with funny illustrations, story, and ending. End with reading questions, discussion, and laughter.

  1. Pages: 40
  2. Series number: 10
  3. Series type: Children’s Books on Life and Behavior
  4. Series category: Halloween, annual traditions, culture
  5. Series genre: Fiction
  6. Children reading ages: Average age 8-10 years
  7. Children reading grade level: Average 3rd-5th grade
  8. Children illustration ages: Average 4-12 years
  9. Reading crowd: Children to adult
  10. Reading length: Average 15 minutes
  11. Reading style: Comical narration storyline to end in climatic event and laughter.
  12. Story tellers: Adults (parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, pastors)
  13. Historical setting: Celtic/Irish myth, Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther, 1500’s)
  14. Religion: Christianity
  15. Purpose: Educational and entertainment
  16. Contextual Use: Family, home, school, church, neighborhoods, outreach, kid’s club, teaching
  17. Story time suggestion: Halloween event, reading club, church, Sunday school, kid’s classroom, summer reading
  18. Holiday/annual event: Halloween


Author: Mr. Nate Gunter
Narrator: Matt Hall
Publisher: TGJS Publishing
Run time: 7 minutes
Release Date: 08/10/2021