He Spanked Me in Front of the Window

He Spanked Me in Front of the Window

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 Alexa, whom Henry often called Kitten, was horny. Henry was asleep. He'd been up working during the night so was sleeping in while a morning snowstorm raged outside. Alexa sipped her coffee as her horniness blossomed and her inner brat blinked, smiled, and then she stripped. She had a perfectly evil idea. She was going to poke the bear and trigger Henry's aggressive Dom mode. She stalked up the stairs naked and with a running leap pounced on top of Henry. He woke and indeed his inner Dom bear roared. What she received shocked her, but it was most definitely one of the top wants on her sexual bucket list.


Author: Ruan Willow
Narrator: Ruan Willow
Publisher: Pink Infinity Publishing LLC
Run time: 29 minutes
Release Date: 01/11/2023