Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard: A Whittaker Brothers Novel

Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard: A Whittaker Brothers Novel

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A cowboy lawyer turned bodyguard...including the celebrity country singer looking for a quick and quiet resolution to her problems. Can opposites Beau and Lily really attract this Christmas?

Beau Whittaker has watched his brothers find love one by one, but every attempt he's made has ended in disaster. He's carved more time for dating by leaving his busy law practice in favor of living out at Whiskey Mountain Lodge and providing private law help and professional bodyguard services for select clients.

Lily Everett has been in the spotlight since childhood and has half a dozen platinum records with her two sisters. She's taking a break from the brutal music industry and hiding out in Wyoming while her ex-husband continues to cause trouble for her. When she hears of Beau Whittaker and what he offers his clients, she wants to meet him.

Beau is instantly attracted to Lily, but he tried a relationship with his last client that left a scar that still hasn't healed. Not only that, but he enjoys his quiet life at the lodge, with the horses, in small-town Coral Canyon. And a famous singer isn't going to choose to share that life with him. Can Lily use the spirit of Christmas to discover what matters most? Will Beau open his heart to the possibility of love with someone so different from him?


Author: Liz Isaacson
Narrator: Alan Taylor
Publisher: AEJ Creative Works
Run time: 5 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 12/09/2020