Hints on Child Training

Hints on Child Training

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This book has been called the “single best volume on the subject of child training ever written.” Trumbull, who was responsible for the growth of Sunday Schools in America just after the Civil War, wrote this book at age 60 after raising eight of his own children.

Book Review

This little book was written over a hundred years ago so you can just imagine the gems that is contained within. In fact, there are so many wonderful gems that I believe it should be called ‘Gems on Child Training’. Within the book you will find training on a child’s appetite, how to train our children’s faith, how to help them in courtesy and self-denial and so much more.

But it’s very, very good solid, sound advice that is all biblically based. So you can’t go wrong with that. People that have read this book have found that its actually changed their thinking regarding the training of their children.

Although there are many books out there on child training, this is the only ‘specifically’ child training book that we have in Oikos, simply because we have found its value to be of such great worth.


Author: H. Clay Trumbull
Narrator: James Wood
Publisher: Oikos Publishing (Pty) Ltd
Run time: 4 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 11/01/2020