His Love: A curvy single mom, erotic romantic comedy

His Love: A curvy single mom, erotic romantic comedy

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Get ready for Terry and Maggie’s second night at La Petite Mort Club.

It’s hot, kinky and oh, so much fun!

Nothing is going to make Terry lose control like he did last night.

This time he has every detail planned to recreate an evening from their past in La Petite Mort Club style.

Until another night from his past threatens everything. Will he be able to salvage his evening and his relationship, or will he lose Maggie forever?

This later-in-life, second chance, curvy single mother, BDSM, erotic romance continues Terry and Maggie’s weekend that started with His Lesson. So grab your fan and be prepared to laugh out loud as your heart melts when this arrogant Dom confesses his love for his sub. 


Author: Ellis O. Day
Narrator: Maya Starling, Silas Hart
Publisher: Ellis O. Day
Run time: 2 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 02/17/2023