History's Verdict: Eisenhower

History's Verdict: Eisenhower

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The Ever-changing Reputation

Ike’s public image is frequently overshadowed by more attention-grabbing colleagues. Cases in point: General Patton, his World War 2 subordinate; and JFK, his successor as President of the United States of America.

But we reveal that there is far more to Ike than the myth of his being an uncharismatic conservative in everything he did.

We examine his rise from humble origins in Kansas. His loving family relationships – including a pacifist mother – that led to his concern for the wellbeing of those he was responsible for. His military education that gave him a vision of how to take the US Army into the 20th century.

Fate made him miss the fighting in World War 1 – a fact his critics often unfairly used against him – but military career prepared him to deal with complex personalities like Marshall, Montgomery or Churchill and oversee vast operations.

We witness his immense responsibilities, challenges and victories in the Second World War. We watch how he reluctantly became President and fought a Cold War and a Korean War.

We cut through the shifting fog of fashion clouding his reputation to deliver History’s Verdict on Dwight Eisenhower.


Author: Michael O'Connor
Narrator: Jonathan David Mellor
Publisher: Pacific Media, S.L.
Run time: 58 minutes
Release Date: 12/17/2020