History's Verdict: Mussolini

History's Verdict: Mussolini

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Fascist visionary or blinded by his own propaganda?

A skilled journalist and a master spin doctor, Mussolini created immensely powerful myths about himself and his regime. Myths that have endured for over 70 years, baffling both his contemporaries and modern historians in equal measure. Myths that have allowed Il Duce to escape history's definitive verdict...until now.

We deliver the truth about this divisive yet fascinating figure. From his early foreign policy to eventual involvement in WW2, we unveil the reality of his imperial aims.

We examine Mussolini’s shifting international relationships. Why did he choose the Axis with Nazi Germany over an alliance with Britain? How did he did lose his dominance within the Axis to become Hitler’s subordinate? The complex race question is also examined. Did Italian Fascism share the same virulent anti-Semitic and racialist views as National Socialism? We offer insights into the Italian performance in WW2, as well as Mussolini’s dramatic personal downfall and macabre death. “History’s Verdict” delivers the final judgement on the legacy of this founding father of Fascism. Does he deserve condemnation as merely another brutal twentieth century dictator, or was there a more benevolent side to this complex character?


Author: Graham Birrell
Narrator: Jonathan David Mellor
Publisher: Pacific Media, S.L.
Run time: 58 minutes
Release Date: 12/17/2020