Hitchhiker’s Guide to Heaven and Hell: Season One:  Episode One Through Twenty Two

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Heaven and Hell: Season One: Episode One Through Twenty Two

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This is the complete first season of Hitchhiker’s Guide to Heaven and Hell. It includes episodes one through twenty-two.


An unassuming woman wanders around the landscape of hell accompanied by a dammed priest and a sixties styles teenage demon activist. The trio is sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by a god-like being with dysfunctional split personalities called the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Heaven and Hell.


The series contains many plots and subplots. There is an overall plot that runs throughout the series that involves the nature of hell being altered by the unintentional efforts of the trio. Equally, there are individual plots for each episode. Here is a sample of some of the episode plots: 

·     The Wrath Demon is taking anger management classes.

·     The Greed demon has opened up a restaurant for anorexics skeletons and zombies.

·     African Americans are running a plantation where racists and supremacists are slaves.

·     The Trio finds itself in a place reserved for televangelists and religious cult leaders.

·     There is a sixties-style protest protesting basically everything.



She is a mild-mannered affable middle-aged woman who is caught up in events not of her choosing and out of her control.


He is an alcoholic priest dammed to hell.

Theo (Theodore) 

He is a teenaged sixties-style anti-establishment demon.  

Guide (Various personalities)

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Author: SULI Daniel D Johnson
Narrator: Genesis 2112 Productions, Nicole Newton, Daniel Johnson, Jaeda, Janelle Johnson, Michelle StOnge
Publisher: Genesis 2112 Productions
Run time: 7 hours 28 minutes
Release Date: 07/18/2021