Holy Fitz

Holy Fitz

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The women in the life of private investigator Niccolo Fitzhugh aren’t making things easy for him at all.

His mother has told Father O’Malley, the priest at St. Rita, he would investigate—for free—the case of Aileen O’Connor, who lost $50,000 to con man Benedict St. Giles and who believes she’s part of a rebirth of the Catholic Church. 

Then Fitz’s beloved wife Gracie leaves him for two weeks to fend for himself to take a group of students to Vienna,—and Father O’Malley ends up dead. 

The case brings another problem—FBI Special Agent Fiona Rafferty who has been on St. Giles’ tail since another priest was found dead. Even worse: the history she has with Fitz since she was a new police officer in Fawcettville, could explode in ways that put his life —and his marriage—in danger.

Can Fitz resist the temptation that Rafferty poses? And can he rescue O’Connor before the worst happens? 


Author: Debra Gaskill
Narrator: Casey Martin
Publisher: D'Llama Publishing
Run time: 4 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 07/01/2021