Home Run: A Savannah Martin Holiday Novella

Home Run: A Savannah Martin Holiday Novella

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Christmas Time is here...

...and it’s back to Sweetwater to celebrate the holiday with the Martin family, and what’s left of the Colliers.

This time, Savannah and Rafe have their infant daughter with them, and everyone’s cooing over the new addition. But Carrie isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Several other people have news, and some of the directions things are going might alter the course of several lives, including Rafe’s and Savannah’s, for the foreseeable future.

Join the Martins and the Colliers, with their friends and relatives, for another Christmas in the Martin Mansion in Sweetwater!


Author: Jenna Bennett
Narrator: Amanda Stribling
Publisher: Magpie Ink
Run time: 1 hours 39 minutes
Release Date: 11/27/2020