Hope and Melvin of Humanity, The (And Other Surprising Short Stories)

Hope and Melvin of Humanity, The (And Other Surprising Short Stories)

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When you pull at the thread of questions woven into the fabric of institutionalized thinking, you get a collection of short fictional stories called The Hope and Melvin of Humanity and Other Surprising Short Stories. 

In the title story, The Hope and Melvin of Humanity, the protagonist, Hope, uncovers common denominators between the powers of big business and the powers of big religion. Along the way, Hope is compelled to decide what she believes. It's a story that might offer a more expansive image of love, a more interesting picture of God, and a better way to be human.  

In The Wrong Side of the Tracks, LaDasia finds herself in a relationship with a promising young man only to receive an unexpected visit from the young man's father. The father's demand puts LaDasia in the absurd position of choosing between two very different endings. 

In Golden Point, King Theogad inherits a kingdom built upon surrogate victimization. Will he play the game or attempt to set a new standard? 

The balance of the stories explores perspectives that are theologically open and relational, expansive and relevant. 


Author: Jonathan J Foster
Narrator: Keira Grace
Publisher: Verde Group
Run time: 3 hours 26 minutes
Release Date: 07/26/2021