Hope at Last

Hope at Last

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A widow, a widower, and some matchmaking daughters.

Elise Hewitt came to Hope Ranch because there was nowhere left to go. She’s making a place for herself by helping with her daughter Indigo’s yarn business and watching her grandchildren, but neither of those things ignites any passion in her heart. Maybe she’s just too old for that.

Dave Fitzgerald’s call to the mission field is all he’s ever known. Now that he’s a widower, he’s more involved than ever before. Running a camp for young adults considering full-time missions is a break from the trouble-shooting assignments he usually seeks out, but a summer in the mountains of New Mexico isn’t any kind of hardship.

When Elise’s daughters get a look at the handsome older man, they begin to conspire to throw the two of them together. Everyone else in the family has found love at Hope Ranch, why shouldn’t their mom have a chance at love a second time around?

Hope Ranch is a place where second chances and God's love are waiting for everyone. Click to buy your copy of this contemporary Christian romance and come to Hope Ranch today!


Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
Narrator: Andrea Kummer
Publisher: JoNaTiMa Books
Run time: 7 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 04/11/2022