Hope for Family

Hope for Family

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He needs a wife. She wants to belong. Nobody has to fall in love.

For five years, Tommy Russell’s ex-wife has controlled every aspect of his life, using his devotion to their daughter as a hammer. Now, she's threatening to take him to court to get his partial custody revoked.

Jade Clarke didn't expect the Hewitts to roll out the red carpet when she showed up at Hope Ranch. But they did. And they invited her to stay. As much as she craves their acceptance and love, she’s suspicious of anything that comes without strings.

When Tommy’s ex tries to use his unmarried status against him, he blurts out that he’s actually in a relationship with Jade. Jade agrees to go along with his fake relationship during his daughter’s next visit., but his daughter wants to be part of their wedding and is pushing for them to make it official while she’s in town. Tommy hesitates, but better alternatives are hard to find, and Jade is actually on board.

Theirs wouldn't be the first marriage of convenience in history.

Will marrying Jade be the answer to Tommy's prayers or a catastrophic complication?

Hope Ranch is a place where second chances and God's love are waiting for everyone. Click to buy your copy of this contemporary Christian romance and come to Hope Ranch today!


Author: Elizabeth Maddrey
Narrator: Andrea Kummer
Publisher: JoNaTiMa Books
Run time: 7 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 04/01/2022