Houses of the Holy

Houses of the Holy

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The long-anticipated Bubba/Quincy Harker crossover starts here!

Bubba is hired by the Department of Homeland Security to guard some relics in Charlotte, but there's more going on than there seems. Doesn't DHS have Quincy Harker, a mostly capable wizard type, right there in Charlotte? And Isn't Bubba blacklisted from working for the government after DEMON decided they wanted to kill him? And didn't he smear vampire guts all over College Street that last time he was in Charlotte?

Find out all this, and learn more about the nefarious Director Shaw's plans for DEMON and world domination as Bubba the Monster Hunter meets up with members of Quincy Harker's crew to stop the ultimate evil from going down in the Queen City!

Events in Houses of the Holy take place simultaneously with the Quincy Harker novel Conspiracy Theory.


Author: John G. Hartness
Narrator: John Solo
Publisher: Falstaff Books
Run time: 3 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 10/05/2021