How Champions Think to Win: The Power and Possibility of Creative Mind

How Champions Think to Win: The Power and Possibility of Creative Mind

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How champions think is what makes their paths master trends in a world of constant change—a globe without a wall, giving room for transitional leadership. Every day new discoveries keep swallowing old and new generations keep overtaking existing histories making new giants to keep emerging. There is a power of hidden potential in every man, but little minds focus on what happens, average focus on how things happen, great minds focus on why things happen making them to unleash the hidden power within. Every dream that will see the light of the day must be exposed to new possibility thinking. No matter the shape, color and size of your

dream today, all you need to achieve it is your thinking habit—no road is not no way after all. Life is like dropping with a parachute, if you just hang there in fate and enjoy the cool breeze and the shade from the sun while complaining about the loneliness, it will take you where the wind of life blows—in the ocean of hopelessness, wilderness of confusion, desert of dejection or valley of past failures. You must take charge of your life by trading the power of your thoughts.

When you throw down a tennis ball with force, it bounces back with the same energy, only that it rises higher, but when you throw down a glass cup it shatters on the ground and scatters in pieces, flung here and there. What happens? No energy to bounce up? No! There is energy but that had been used to scatter the pieces here and there. The energy in your failure is the lessons and the experience. Now you know how it is not going to work. Now you are a coach in the making. To every action of falling there will be an equal and opposite reaction, this could be a reaction of bouncing up or rolling on the ground or shattering in pieces. But be sure this book will remold your

mentality to leap forward despite the odds.

This master piece will take you through on how to:

* Grow your courage again with hope

* Live your best life by the energy of creative and constructive thinking.

* See purpose for your past, potentials in your now and dreams for your future

* Put up a possibility life by engaging the power of faith, talents and idea

* Process your failure for future success


Author: A. A. James
Narrator: Lynn Benson
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory
Run time: 14 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 10/26/2018