How To Succeed In The Christian Life

How To Succeed In The Christian Life

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What is success in the Christian Life? Success in the Christian life is for an individual to be all that God saved him for and all that God wants him to be. The one who wants to be successful must, therefore, discover that which the Lord saved him for and wants him to be, and accomplish it. In order to do this, he must find out the overriding purpose of God for his life and do it. He must set that purpose as the one goal of his life and then put all of himself and all that he has into accomplishing it.

God did not save you so that you should waste your life in purposelessness. He saved You with a particular goal in view. Seek that goal and accomplish it, and then you will be successful. This book is on how to succeed in the Christian life by accomplishing the call of God on your life. Read it and discover how to be successful. Put it into practice and be successful.

We send this book out with prayer that it should help the people of God to come out of mediocrity through purposelessness, into spiritual success through goal-directedness.


Author: Zacharias Tanee Fomum
Narrator: Derek Dresback
Publisher: ZTF Books Online
Run time: 2 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 05/26/2017