If I Had Two Lives

If I Had Two Lives

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A twisted tale of family secrets and the darker side of human nature that will leave you wanting to research your own family history.

Can we control the ripple effects of childhood trauma and abuse that follow us into adulthood? How do we know monsters aren’t lurking inside loved ones in our own family? Or us?

A single young mother is found brutally murdered in her home. The local police believe it to be the work of a serial killer they’ve been pursuing, but the FBI has a different theory.

Vicky Collins, a newly minted FBI agent, is having the worst week of her life. One moment she is celebrating her selection to a special task force investigating the Piggyback Killer. The next, she finds herself fighting to keep her job and repair her reputation. A routine DNA test at the FBI reveals a familial match to Vicky—a registered criminal she neglected to mention on her background check. The problem is that Vicky doesn’t know this sketchy individual. Or does she?

To save her career and learn the truth about her childhood, Vicky undertakes a harrowing journey, digging up mysteries from her past and uncovering long-held family secrets. The more lies and deception she unearths, the more she realizes the danger closing in around her and her loved ones.

Will she find out the truth and clear her name before it’s too late, or will her past finally catch up to her?


Author: A.B. Whelan
Narrator: Kristin James
Publisher: OrangeSky
Run time: 7 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 06/15/2021