In the Shadow of Eternity

In the Shadow of Eternity

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In the Shadow of Eternity will be remembered as a summary of Jeff Beacham’s final words to his family, friends and the body of Christ. This book provides a candid and transparent look at the stark realities of life through the eyes of a man who loves God, who loves life and who loves people; a man who trusts confidently in his God, no matter what; a man determined to finish his race well. Jeff does a masterful job depicting the framework of his life, culture and the many transitions experienced in his walk of faith. Rarely are we privileged to meet a man of such fire, passion, courage, covenant, commitment and hope. Jeff’s example is an encouragement to all to run their race well, to fulfill their call and destiny, no matter what!


Author: Jeff Beacham
Narrator: Dave Wright
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory
Run time: 3 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 02/03/2014