In Time For An Amish Christmas: Amish Romance

In Time For An Amish Christmas: Amish Romance

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Miracles happen at Christmas!

Suspend what you think is real and come on an Amish journey with Heidi.

Heidi King was one woman who needed a miracle. She left the Amish community years ago and built a life for herself as a successful New York City realtor.

Loneliness and regret cause her to cry out to God. Heidi wakes the next morning to the life she would've had if she'd stayed in the Amish community and married Derek, her old Amish love.

At first, she was delighted to be Derek's wife and mother to their three children, but soon motherhood and the realities of life in the Amish community overwhelm her.

Heidi finds her way back to her city life and her single status.

Now with no children and no Derek, will she realize she's made the biggest mistake of her life?

Will Heidi be able to find her way back in time for an Amish Christmas?


Author: Samantha Price
Narrator: Cecily White
Publisher: Samantha Price
Run time: 6 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 04/14/2020