Infinity's End, Books 1 - 3

Infinity's End, Books 1 - 3

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Seven years ago he was betrayed and left for dead. Now he’s looking for payback.

On the edge of known space, something disturbing is amassing. Reports from the Sovereign Coalition’s largest telescopes that show a swarm of ships thousands of light-years away. The threat is real, and it looks like it’s headed for the inner Coalition planets. The people of the Coalition have little more than a year if they’re lucky.

While the Admiralty scrambles to come up with a solution, there is one person who might be able to help: Caspian Robeaux. Unfortunately he was banished from the Coalition years ago and his current whereabouts are unknown. If they are to have any chance of repelling this dangerous enemy, the Coalition will need a specialist to find him in the lawless Sargan territories and bring him back.

It turns out the mistakes Cas made in his past might be the key to saving their future. But first they need to convince him it’s worth his time.

INFINITY'S END BOOKS 1-3 includes CASPIAN'S FORTUNE, TEMPEST RISING and DARKEST REACH from the INFINITY'S END series. Also included is a bonus short story CASPIAN'S GAMBIT.


Author: Eric Warren
Narrator: Larry Gorman
Publisher: Eric Warren Author, LLC
Run time: 24 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 10/15/2021