Infinity's End, Books 7 - 9

Infinity's End, Books 7 - 9

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The Beginning of The End.

After their harrowing trials on the mysterious planet out of time, the crew of the USCS Tempest have been reunited. Though they have taken heavy losses. And yet, in some ways things are better than when they left. Despite all their sacrifices, they must return to Coalition space in pursuit of the Athru fleet. Only, what could be left after all this time…

Evelyn Diazal, once a respected commander and former captain of the ship, learns her past is even more mysterious than she could have ever imagined. A trip back to her home planet reveals long-lost connections and ignites a new conflict with former allies. The crew of the Tempest begins to learn just how much damage the Athru have done as they search for a way to save the human race.

Caspian, having taken command, is now in charge of the resistance efforts against the Athru. His plan involves joining with former allies and enemies alike, but a ghost from his past makes it clear not everything is as it seems. In order to defeat the Athru, Cas and Evie will need a bold plan and a lot of luck. But even if they succeed, what will be the ultimate cost?

INFINITY’S END BOOKS 7-9 includes BROKEN LINKSMEMORY’S BLADE and INFINITY’S END from the highly acclaimed INFINITY’S END series.


Author: Eric Warren
Narrator: Larry Gorman
Publisher: Eric Warren Author, LLC
Run time: 26 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 10/19/2021